Brooke Baldwin Still Can’t Allow Lib Protesters to Be Called a 'Mob'

While a guest on Tuesday’s The Late Show With Stephen Colbert on CBS, weekday afternoon CNN Newsroom host Brooke Baldwin doubled down on her contention that liberal protesters shouldn’t be described by using the “m-word” or “mob.”

During her appearance, Colbert condescendingly stated: “You got in a little trouble from ‘the Twitter people’ because you said one of your guests called Democratic protesters ‘mob,’ a ‘mob,’ and you said: ‘We’re not going to use the ‘m-word’ around here.’”

“I did, I did,” Baldwin readily agreed.

“You got a lot of flak for that,” the late-night liberal continued. “What happened?”



The CNN host began her defense by stating that The Daily Beast's Matt Lewis - “who I love having on” -- brought up the “m-word,” and at the time, that term “had been this talking point for Republicans from all up and down Capitol Hill.”

Baldwin added that the use of that word is especially troubling “in the wake of what had happened with Dr. [Christine Blasey] Ford and Justice [Brett] Kavanaugh.”

“And so,” she continued, “when he brought the ‘mob’ word up again, I called him out.”

“Listen,” Baldwin stated, “I don’t want to be the word police, and that was not my intention. But I also believe in calling out talking points.”

“And to hear him bring that up,” she added, “I had to, I had to say something and, honestly, at the end of my day -- like I’m sure you check your Twitter, too -- and if I have irked the left and the right, then I’ve done my job.”

Colbert also noted: “Many journalists say they don’t vote because they have to stay objective. Do you vote?”

“I do,” the CNN host replied, “because I think: ‘How can I sit up here and say: ‘Well, here are all these women running or here are all these people running’ and ‘you need to exercise your First Amendment and ... talk the talk and walk the walk.’”

The liberal host then took advantage of the situation by asking Baldwin: “Who are you going to vote for?”

Of course, Baldwin spat out a few nonsense syllables instead of answering his question to Colbert's approval.

As for the day in question, she bristled on October 10 when Lewis used the term while referring to a group of left-wing protesters who chased Republican Texas Senator Ted Cruz out of a restaurant.

“Oh, you’re not gonna use the ‘mob’ word here,” the host snapped. When Lewis defended his use of the word, Baldwin became too flustered to respond and buried her head in her hands.

“Stop, stop,” Baldwin responded when Lewis tried to defend himself. “A mob is what we saw in Charlottesville, Virginia, two Augusts ago. A mob is not what we saw chasing -- I’m not saying what they did was right.”

“What about the people who were at the Supreme Court banging on the walls?” Lewis asked. “What do you call that? Civil protest? Or is that a mob? I think it’s easily a mob.”

Apparently, Colbert and the liberals at CBS still felt the need to bring Baldwin in from CNN to spread her message of slamming the use of “the m-word.” So, let it be known that if you ever find yourself on CNN with Baldwin, don't use the words “mob” or “boobs.”

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