Dan Savage: Vatican Doesn’t Cover Birth Control 'Because Altar Boys Can’t Get Pregnant'

June 11th, 2013 9:55 AM

Dan Savage really is a disgusting human being.

On Comedy Central’s Colbert Report Monday, the anti-bullying advocate said that Vatican City’s healthcare plan doesn’t include birth control “because altar boys can’t get pregnant” (video follows with transcript and commentary):

DAN SAVAGE: I describe ObamaCare in this book as evil.

STEPHEN COLBERT, HOST: Oh God, God bless you.

SAVAGE: It's the lesser of two evils. The system we had before prior to ObamaCare is more evil, but ObamaCare is still a little evil. It is a conservative plot, a conservative plan hatched by the Heritage Foundation, originally adopted by Mitt Romney in Massachusetts. But because Obama rolled it out, all liberals and progressives became emotionally invested in this conservative plan for healthcare which was to extend private health insurance and subsidize it as opposed to switching to a single-payer model like every other Western industrialized nation. You know who else has a single-payer model?


SAVAGE: Vatican City has a single-payer healthcare system.

COLBERT: Because this, this is it right there.

SAVAGE: It covers everything but birth control because altar boys can't get pregnant. When altar boys start getting pregnant they'll cover birth control too.

COLBERT: Now, listen. We're going to gloss over that for just a moment.

SAVAGE: As the Catholic Church has done for decades.

To begin with, isn’t it fascinating that Savage – a self-described liberal and progressive – said liberals and progressives are sheep willing to follow Obama’s lead regardless of whether or not it actually serves their best interest?

Think Obama has been counting on that from day one, especially from the media?

As for Savage's comments about altar boys, how can a man with such hateful views be invited on any television program in this nation with the exception HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher?

Colbert should be ashamed of himself for giving this vile man such a platform to spew his vitriol from.