WaPo's Sally Quinn: Pope Francis 'Could Possibly Have Been Involved in a Scandal'

Sally Quinn sure has a low opinion of the Catholic Church for someone that edits the Washington Post's "On Faith" blog.

Having claimed last week on CBS's Face the Nation that "so many priests are gay," Quinn this Sunday on CNN's Reliable Sources said the lack of media vetting and background checks of Cardinals meant Pope Francis "could possibly have been involved in a scandal" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

HOWARD KURTZ, HOST: Sally Quinn, it's not like an American political campaign, where you get to vet the candidates in advance and you do the profiles. Really, nobody knew until the last day when I heard Chris Cuomo on CNN first mention the name of Jorge Bergoglio as a possible Pope, and indeed he was.

SALLY QUINN, EDITOR, FAITH BLOG, "WASHINGTON POST": Well, you know, the problem with picking somebody unknown like that is that you don't know what his past is, and, you know, he could possibly have been involved in a scandal, too. I mean, there's no background check in this case. But it does seem to me that he's pretty clear.

Honestly, with the need to clean up the Church and that being one of the charges of the new Pope, would any Cardinal have voted for anyone that was known to be involved in one of the scandals?

I guess Quinn didn't consider that.

Makes you think that given her behavior the past two Sundays, news outlets might want to reconsider booking someone so hostile to the Church on the Lord's Day assuming of course their interest is to not offend viewers.

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