Boehner: 'President's Idea of a Negotiation Is Roll Over and Do What I Ask'

House Speaker John Boehner (R-Oh.) had some harsh words Sunday for Barack Obama's proposal to avert the looming fiscal cliff.

Appearing on Fox News Sunday, Boehner said, "The president's idea of a negotiation is roll over and do what I ask."

CHRIS WALLACE, HOST: So, you've been around this time a long time, you've been in a lot of negotiations. What is their game? What is their thinking as to how they're going to work -- well, they just figure they won, they're going to get what they want?

JOHN BOEHNER, REPUBLICAN SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE: I have no idea, Chris. If I knew, I would share it with you. I don't know what they are thinking.

WALLACE: Do you think they are being bullies?

BOEHNER: I think -- they've won the election. They must have forgotten Republicans continue to hold a majority in the House. But, you know, the president's idea of a negotiation is roll over and do what I ask. We need to find common ground and we need to find it quickly.

WALLACE: And, again, you kind of didn't answer it the first time, what are the chances we're going to go over the cliff?

BOEHNER: There is clearly a chance. But I'm going to tell you, I might be an easy guy to get along with -- affable, obviously, I've worked in a bipartisan way on a number of agreements.

But I'm going to tell you one thing, Chris -- I'm determined to solve our debt problem. We have a serious spending problem and it's going to be dealt with.

WALLACE: And if the White House is unwilling to do it, are you prepared to say --

BOEHNER: We are going to deal with America's debt problem.

WALLACE: And if they refuse to do it in the way that you find acceptable?

BOEHNER: We're going to deal with it.

WALLACE: Sooner or later?

BOEHNER: Sooner or later. We're going to deal with this debt problem and we're going to do it now. We're not going to kick this can down the road again.

WALLACE: So, if it takes it, you'll go over the cliff.

BOEHNER: I don't want any part of going over the cliff. I'm going to do everything I can to avert that.


BOEHNER: We're going to solve America's debt problem.

WALLACE: Speaker Boehner, on that happy note, thanks for talking with us.

BOEHNER: Thank you.

WALLACE: Thank you.

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