George Stephanopoulos: Maybe Clinton Is Right About Extending Bush Tax Cuts

Former President Bill Clinton made headlines last week when he told CNBC's Maria Bartiromo the Bush tax cuts should be extended into next year.

On ABC's This Week Sunday, Clinton's former adviser turned talk show host George Stephanopoulos asked one of his guests, "Might not he be right on the issue of extending the tax cuts at least for two or three or four months into next year to get over that uncertainty that’s going to come right after the election?" (video follows with commentary, photo via Life magazine):

This raises a couple of questions.

First, if Stephanopoulos thinks Clinton might have been right about this, why didn't he bring up the nonsense the former President said on CNN Thursday about thinking the Bush tax cuts expire before Election Day?

Is it because Stephanopoulos still has a soft spot for his former boss and didn't want to expose the absurdity of those remarks?

Also, by bringing up this question, Stephanopoulos himself was clearly defending Clinton thereby suggesting his allegiance is still with America's 42nd president.

This is especially interesting given the speculation that Clinton might be making statements like this to undermine President Obama's reelection chances.

If that's the case, whose side is Stephanopoulos on?


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