PBS's Mark Shields: Income Inequality Is a 'National Security Issue'

The hyperventilation of media members concerning income inequality in America reaches a new high with each passing day.

Case in point, on Inside Washington Friday, PBS's Mark Shields, with a straight face no less, said this disparity is a "national security issue" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

MARK SHIELDS, PBS: In 2005 and 2007, the after-tax income of the top fifth was greater than all the income of the other 80 percent. Now I don’t know why anybody objects to this because a rising tide lifts all yachts, and that’s really what we’re looking at. And I think that the distribution of income, its inequality, is in the final analysis a national security issue, and it has to be examined that way.

I surprisingly agree with Shields, but certainly not for the same reason.

Income inequality is becoming a national security issue because the President, the Democrats, and the media are fanning the flames of discontent in the country.

The more people like Shields and the politicians they support encourage the Occupy movement, the more likely incidents like what we saw in Oakland will occur until people are sadly killed.

At that point, the security of the most successful members of our society will indeed be at risk increasing the likelihood of violent clashes.

If Shields is really concerned about this, maybe he should stop unfairly blaming the rich for all the nation's problems.

It's his one-sided reporting and that from those like him that cause the sentiment pictured below:

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