Krauthammer Scolds Shields for 'Moaning and Bitching' About the Tax Plan

Charles Krauthammer on Friday scolded Mark Shields and other liberals for "moaning and bitching" about the President's compromise tax plan after months of demanding the White House implement a second stimulus package.

After Shields on PBS's "Inside Washington" predictably criticized Obama for agreeing to extend the Bush tax cuts on the so-called rich, Krauthammer marvelously struck back (video follows with transcript and commentary):

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: You know, you liberals surprise me. You won one. You won a big one and you’re moaning and you’re bitching. I, I can’t believe it. I mean, you just got yourself the largest stimulus in galactic history without even asking for it. You’ve been begging for this. The Left has been demanding a stimulus, but knowing that the public climate was against it. You get it delivered by the President stealthily in the night, and now you are all upset that you weren’t consulted in the negotiations.

MARK SHIELDS: You don't, you don’t give up on inheritance tax and on the tax for the rich which have been the defining domestic point of his agenda when he ran for President.

And that's really the issue being exposed here: liberal media members like Shields obviously care far more about taxing the rich than stimulating the economy.

As Krauthammer wrote Friday, Obama's compromise plan would represent a far larger stimulus to the economy than what was approved in 2009.

For months as unemployment has remained high, you couldn't swing a dead cat in D.C. or New York without hitting a liberal press member calling for additional stimulus. Now that they've gotten it, most of them can't stand it because it includes benefits to the upper class.

As such, they've all been exposed as astonishing hypocrites for they are clearly more interested in soaking the so-called rich than stimulating the economy and helping regular Americans.

It really is sickening if you think about it: to Shields and his ilk, sticking it to the upper class, even it if hurts 98 percent of the country, is principled. 

How pathetic.

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