Dan Rather Outraged By Obama's Lack of Action on Economy

If you needed an alarm to go off signaling President Obama's honeymoon with the press being over, you got it Thursday when former CBS "Evening News" anchor Dan Rather severely chastised the new administration for not doing enough to solve today's economic problems.

Writing for the Daily Beast, the man who once used a forged document in an attempt to bring down former President George W. Bush wondered why more people aren't outraged about how little has been done by Obama and Company to right what he believes is a sinking ship.

Caution -- you're about to enter a no kidding zone:

Where is the outrage from We The People? And where is the outrage—or sense of outrage—from the Treasury Department, from Congress, and, yes, from the White House and the new president himself?

We are in a downward economic spiral and the worst is probably yet to come. The situation threatens our own and future generations. Yet there is no transparency, no accountability, and no clearly-stated plan to pull us out.

Outrage is seldom justified and rarely wise, but in this fix it is both. Nevertheless, what we have gotten and are getting still is blather. [...]

Our huge economy is comprised of a vast collection of families, and the health of our markets and our financial institutions revolves around those families. [...]

Again and again, they are told, “Help is on the way.” Where is it? And while those in power in Washington dither over these people’s problems while prioritizing the problems of financial institutions, where’s the transparency and accountability?

Well, Dan, maybe if you and your fellow so-called journalists would have asked presidential candidate Obama some tough questions about his economic plans last year instead of aiding and abetting his election we wouldn't be in this mess and you wouldn't be so outraged.

I'm just saying.

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