Media Mash: MSNBC's Schultz Wonders Why 'People Don't Love Obama'

September 20th, 2013 4:18 PM

It "amazes" MSNBC's Ed Schultz "that people don't love Obama" and think he's doing a stellar job handling the economy. Reacting to a video clip of that absurd rant, NewsBusters publisher Brent Bozell told the audience of Sean Hannity's September 19 program the reasons why.

There's "1.9 million less jobs" now than when President Obama took office, not to mention "47,600,000 Americans on food stamps" and "3 million people [who] have entered the rolls of poverty since [Obama] became president," the Media Research Center founder noted. "That's why they don't love him, everybody's having a very hard time" in the Obama economy and "Ed Schultz needs a dosage of reality," Bozell concluded. Hannity agreed, noting that when it comes to on-air Obamagasms, "he's giving Chris Matthews a run for his money." [watch the full "Media Mash" segment below the page break]  Bozell and Hannity also discussed how the media, particularly MSNBC's Alex Witt, sought to portray President Obama as "coming out the winner" in his bumbling handling of the Syrian chemical weapons crisis:

SEAN HANNITY: Give him the Nobel Peace Prize. He fell into a solution after Vladimir Putin threatened to shoot missiles out of the air--

BRENT BOZELL: Somebody should get them some smelling salts over at that network. Look, here's just the simple reality. Barack Obama has lost control of the Middle East. The United States has lost control of the Middle East. Vladimir Putin is now  planning policy in the Middle East.

They are laughing at us. Putin is now saying, well, maybe they won't do it after all. Assad is saying, well, maybe I'll do it, but give me a billion dollars more. They're laughing at America. At MSNBC, they call that a victory.