Video: Bozell Slams 'Moronic' Assertion From MSNBC That Pro-life Ryan's a Worse Catholic Than Pro-Choice, Pro-Gay Marriage Biden

"These are two of the most moronic statements I have ever heard," NewsBusters publisher Brent Bozell, himself a practicing Catholic, complained after watching video of MSNBC host Martin Bashir and MSNBC contributor Jimmy Williams attacking Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) as championing an "unbiblical" budget that doesn't comport to Catholic social teaching.

"Consider that one of these morons is saying that Paul Ryan's budget is unbiblical?! I mean, what book of the Bible dealt with Paul Ryan's budget?" the Media Research Center founder asked on the August 23 "Media Mash" segment, going on to note that seeing as that the Catholic Church is suing the Obama administration over the religious liberty-infringing contraception mandate, it's laughable to suggest that Joe Biden is a better Catholic. [watch the full segment below the page break]

And while Bashir and Williams might be suggesting that Biden is a better, more Christ-like Christian than Paul Ryan, others at MSNBC were hard at work trashing Ryan for being too religious and wedded to a "faith-based" and "Bible-based" Republican Party.

"He starts every consideration of public policy, not from the standpoint of science, but from the standpoint of faith. That's who Paul Ryan is," MSNBC contributor Howard Fineman groused on the August 22 Hardball.

"Here's the Left's mantra: when your faith comports with a liberal ideology... it's a good thing. When your faith comports with traditional values, it's a controversial thing," Bozell observed, adding that "Anybody who has a belief in God, a faith, according to this left-wing mantra, is anti-science."

But "[t]hese attacks are going to backfire," Bozell concluded, because it's possible to be "pro-faith and pro-science at the same time" and most Americans know from personal experience.

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