Media Mash: Despite MSM Slamming 'Cut, Cap and Balance,' 66% of Americans Want It

While the media have been busy persistently denouncing the Cut, Cap and Balance plan as Republicans "wasting time" with a "show" plan that has "no chance of passage," the public aren't accepting the media spin.

A CNN poll shows nearly 2/3rds of Americans favor that approach to tackling the national debt and balancing the budget, NewsBusters publisher Brent Bozell noted on the July 21 "Hannity" program (video follows page break):



Let me show you something. On the CNN poll, one thing no one at CNN is mentioning, is that question #23: Do you want Cut, Cap and Balance? Sixty-six percent of the American people want it. Question #25: Do you want a balanced budget amendment? Seventy-four percent! This is CNN's own poll and they're not reporting it tonight.

Bozell was on the program for the recurring "Media Mash" segment that examines the preceding week's worst of media bias.


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