MRC's Bozell Addresses Anti-Tax Cut Bias, 'Islamophobia' on 'Hannity,' Anti-Tea Party Bias on 'Fox & Friends'

Closing out the "Media Mash" segment on the September 16 edition of his eponymous "Hannity" program, the Fox News host asked for NewsBusters publisher Brent Bozell's reaction to NBC's Meredith Vieira telling House Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-Va.) that the Bush tax cuts "didn't succeed" and asking him "what's so good about them?":

Memo to Meredith [Vieira]: You can have a debate about what future tax cuts might or might not result in but a record is a record. Under George Bush, 8 million jobs were created with his tax cuts. With Ronald Reagan's tax cuts there were 20 million jobs created. We've done nothing but lose jobs with Barack Obama with the stimulus package. Truth is truth, facts are facts. Don't go on television saying it didn't work. It did work!

The economy-boosting, jobs-creating benefits of across-the-board tax cuts are not all the media are not telling the truth about. The Media Research Center founder and president also addressed how the media, particularly ABC's Christiane Amanpour are smearing everyday Americans as "Islamophobic" [Listen to MP3 audio here or download WMV video here]:

There comes a point where the American people should say to Christiane Amanpour, "Please shut up!" I am sick and tired of this. Just like Arizona, Sean.  If you raise a policy question, you're a bigot for saying it....We did a study on soundbites I think it was the last month, did you know that 93 percent of the soundbites talk about Islamophobia in the news media. They can't stop talking about it. And when they talk about a handful of people that that pastor [Terry Jones] caused an international incident. No! He did not cause that incident, they caused the incident with the non-stop coverage. 

This morning Bozell appeared via satellite on "Fox & Friends" to discuss the media's anti-Tea Party bias, particularly their recent obsession with bashing Christine O'Donnell [download MP3 audio of segment here or WMV video here]:

What was the great story on Tuesday night. It was not just that Christine O'Donnell won, it was that 60,000 votes were cast when it's normally 30,000 [and] for a candidate who had no money to campaign on. That was the [real] story, but all you got instead was ad hominem attacks.


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