TV Networks Smear Christine O’Donnell; Bozell Demands Media Tell the Truth! About Tea Party Victories

Dubbed as "ultra right wing extremist" and "crazy," Republican candidate Christine O'Donnell and her Tea Party supporters have been smeared by every major broadcast and cable network since she won the Delaware primary against GOP establishment candidate on Tuesday night.

NewsBusters publisher and Media Research Center President Brent Bozell reacts:

This is mudsliging at its ugliest. Pure character assassination. These networks have never treated a viable Democratic candidate with this level of contempt.  How dare they lecture anyone on manners or decency ever again.

The MRC demands the media Tell The Truth! about the Tea Party, its momentum and the revolution of people whose votes are proving America is fed up with Washington.

Here are just some of the latest smears by the liberal media:

  • NBC's KELLY O'DONNELL (Sept. 15 "Today"): "Democratic officials are gleeful and called her an ultra right wing extremist."
  • ABC's GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS (Sept. 15 "Good Morning America") to Republican Senate nominee Christine O'Donnell: "We saw that the Republican Party chairman in Jon Karl's piece there, he went on to say, that you're ‘not a viable candidate.' That you ‘cannot be elected dog catcher in Delaware.' He went on to say that you're either a liar or mentally unhinged."
  • MSNBC's MIKE BARNICLE (Sept. 16 "Morning Joe"): "The larger problem she has, I would submit, is this: that ‘different' this year, for a candidate, is good. People are looking for ‘different' this year. ‘Crazy' is not good."
  • CNN's JOY BEHAR (Sept. 15 "Joy Behar Show"): "She needs to watch some porn and get some tips, is what she needs."
  • CBS's NANCY CORDES (Sept. 15 "Early Show"): "The chair of her own state party called O'Donnell, 'a liar who could not be elected dog catcher,' and yet, the tea party conservative easily defeated the well-known Mike Castle, 53 to 47%. O'Donnell, a former marketing consultant with a checkered financial record, was a dark horse until two weeks ago..."
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