MRC's Motley on Obama Campaign Shunning Florida Station

MRC Director of Communications Seton Motley appeared on Fox News Channel on October 26 to discuss the Obama campaign's pushback against the little media scrutiny it does receive:

MOTLEY: You had the American Issues Project in Houston run an ad about Obama's connection to Bill Ayers and they wrote a letter to the Justice Department asking that the American Issues Project and their contributors be investigated. So it makes you worry going forward if they're writing letters to ask the Justice [Department] now, what will an Obama administration do when they are in control of the Justice Department with people who ask questions they don't like?

Fox News anchor Eric Shawn asked Motley about the Obama campaign's pushback against a Florida TV station for an interview conducted by WFTV's Barbara West, whom Shawn noted once worked under Peter Jennings.

MOTLEY: The Obama campaign has no standing on this reaction. She asked him simple questions that are very legitimate that are right out of quoting what Joe Biden said back to him and saying, "how do you explain this?" And he goes out of his way to lie about it and say, "well, I'm saying either candidate will be tested." No, he didn't. In the interview, he specifically said Obama would be tested. So their reaction is, "we don't like tough questions, we're going to call the person a liar. We're going to dismiss them and we're going to excommunicate them from future interviews.

Later Motley noted that Democrats are hoping to resurrect the so-called Fairness Doctrine in an Obama administration with a Democratic Congress:

MOTLEY: [Talk radio] is the one news outlet that exists that is not dominated by liberals.... Conservative talk radio has dominated. Liberal talk radio has failed every time it's tried. So if you can't beat them, censor them. And that's why they're talking about bringing back the Fairness Doctrine. That's why they're reacting to any negative questions in the traditional media like they're doing with Barbara West in Orlando...

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