CNN Airs 19 Minutes of Clinton's VFW Speech; ZERO Minutes For Trump

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump both spoke to the national convention of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, but CNN took clear sides in their coverage (or lack thereof) of their addresses. On Monday, the liberal network aired 19 minutes and 20 seconds of Mrs. Clinton's speech uninterrupted during the 11 am Eastern hour. The news channel didn't break away to carry any of Trump's speech during the 9 am Eastern hour on Tuesday. Instead, CNN went to correspondent Sara Murray, who reported live while the billionaire gave his speech.

It should also be pointed out that during the same hour as Trump's speech, CNN aired two minutes and 23 seconds of Bernie Sanders's speech to Democratic delegates from Wisconsin at the DNC. Just over 20 minutes later, the network also aired another minute and 19 seconds of the Vermont socialist's speech to Democratic delegates from California

MSNBC didn't have such a drastic gap in coverage, but they still slanted towards the former first lady by a margin of nearly three to one. On Monday, they carried 14 minutes and 41 seconds of Secretary Clinton's VFW speech. Less than 24 hours later, the left-wing network aired 4 minutes and 55 seconds of Trump's address to the veterans group before breaking away to a panel discussion with liberal analyst Jonathan Alter and Fordham University political scientist Christina Greer.

Fox News Channel actually devoted more time to Mrs. Clinton's speech than MSNBC — 16 minutes and 43 seconds — which was two minutes and 37 seconds less than CNN's live coverage of the event. However, they carried all 24 minutes and 37 seconds of Mr. Trump's speech to the VFW on Tuesday.

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