CBS's Gayle King: 'Obama is Doing A Very Good Job'; Supports Buffett Rule

CBS anchor Gayle King, an admitted friend of Michelle Obama and a donor to Mr. Obama's reelection campaign, trumpeted the President's record during an interview with Nicholas Ballasy of The Daily Caller on Saturday: "President Obama has done everything that he said he was going to do, and I think people keep forgetting that....if you ask me, I think President Obama is doing a very good job."

Ballasy, an alumnus of the MRC's, caught up with King after the annual White House Correspondents' Dinner. The CBS This Morning anchor listed several areas where the chief executive apparently kept his promises: "He talked about health care. He talked about Osama bin Laden. He talked about 'don't ask, don't tell.' He's done everything that he said he was doing to do." Of course, the President also promised to close the Guantanamo Bay detention center for terror suspects during the 2008 campaign, but broke that pledge in 2011.

The Daily Caller senior video reporter also asked King about the President's call for higher taxes on millionaires and billionaires. As you might expect, the CBS on-air personality supported the President on this issue.

Michelle Obama, First Lady of the United States; & Gayle King, CBS News Anchor | NewsBusters.orgBALLASY: And he's made taxes a focus of his presidency. What tax rate would you be comfortable paying, as someone who is-

KING: Oh, that will be good. As someone who-

BALLASY: Who is wealthy, I would assume- (King laughs) or in the tax bracket that he's discussing changing.

KING: Well, listen, I'm okay with paying more. I am okay with that. I totally get that. What would I be comfortable with? I'd have to think about that, but I realize that- you know, to much is given, much is expected. So I get that. I'm totally on board with that.


KING: But does it have to be 30 percent? Let's think about that-

BALLASY: The Buffet rule would require 30 percent for those making a million and above.

KING: Let's think about that one for a second. Let's mull that one over.

Earlier in 2012, just days after she started her gig at CBS, King made it clear that she was in the Obama tank when she vouched for her friend, Mrs. Obama: "Michelle Obama is loving, she's kind, she's passionate, and, more than anything, she loves being First Lady of the United States. This isn't just idle chatter for her. She takes it very, very seriously, and she's looking forward to returning for another four years. They're going to work very hard to make that happen."

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