Achtung! Andrew Sullivan Goes Nuclear; Hints Palin = Hitler

Andrew Sullivan's vendetta against Sarah Palin reached a new milestone on Friday after he insinuated that the former Alaska governor was somehow akin to Adolf Hitler. Sullivan referenced Leni Riefenstahl's infamous pro-Nazi movie after quoting a former Palin spokeswoman on what he labeled "the upcoming propaganda movie, 'Triumph Of The Will' 'The Undefeated.'"

The writer, who is a top purveyor of the "Trig Truther" theory about the Republican's youngest son, made the latest attack on his blog on The Daily Beast as part of a "quote for the day" item. Sullivan reproduced Meg Stapleton's laudatory words about the Palin documentary, which will soon be released in Iowa, and then added his beyond snarky one-liner:

image of anti-Tea Party protester, taken from Big Journalism blog:"If someone gives it a chance and watches it, watches the film, I think they will be surprised at the caricature that’s been drawn and the contrast to reality. I just think every aspect of it is so powerful, you cannot walk away from this film looking at Sarah Palin the same way. You just can’t," - Meg Stapleton, on the upcoming propaganda movie, "Triumph Of The Will" "The Undefeated."

Only months earlier, during a November 7, 2010 interview with BBC Radio 4, the blogger claimed that "Sarah Palin represents an America this is absolutely, definitionally white, that's very much rural America." Sullivan thus leapfrogs over the white supremacist-hinting label/reference as an attack against the former vice presidential candidate, and goes straight to smearing her as a fascist.

[H/t: Melissa Clouthier; VerumSerum blog]

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