ABC Hosts Bigoted Snark Against Fertile Christians republished a bigoted attack against a famously large Christian family on Tuesday. Amelia McDonell-Parry of gossip website snarked about Michelle Duggar's latest pregnancy in the post, stating that it "can't be good news...if you're at all concerned about overpopulation." She also hinted that Mrs. Duggar's daughter-in-law was forced to have a baby of her own.

McDonell-Parry, who is also an employee of Turner Broadcasting (no surprises there, as Ted Turner himself put down Catholics who bore the sign of their faith on their heads on Ash Wednesday) never explicitly mentioned the Duggars' deep Christian faith in her screed, titled "Surprise! Duggar Family Expecting Their 19th Child," but made it clear that she frowned upon the fertility of Mr. and Mrs. Duggar. Unsurprisingly, she incorporated her left-wing, sex-crazy views into her brief attack (warning: explicit language below the fold):

"When Meredith Viera says, 'The Duggar family is here and they have a very special announcement,' you know it can't be good news. And it isn't, if you're at all concerned about overpopulation or the health of Michelle's vagina."

Leftists always complain about intrusions into people's bedroom, especially if homosexual activity is involved, but when a married Christian couple decides to practice tried-and-true, old-fashioned reproduction, it's becomes an occasion to trot out their talking points in favor of population control for the sake of the environment, with a sprinkling of their usual vulgarity.

The gossip site editor then directed her attention towards the pregnant wife of the Duggars' eldest son, implying that the poor woman is doomed to have tons of children without her consent: "As usual, Viera just oohed and ahhed over the fantastic news, which comes only a few months after the eldest Duggar kid, Josh, announced that his new wife Anna is expecting their first child. You could almost see the terror simmering in Anna's eyes as she looked at her future. One (almost) down, 18 to go." That's a bit of projection on your part, Miss Editor, along with some faux pity.

McDonnel-Parry, in her biography on, described herself as someone who makes "soy lattes and icky smelling chai tea" and "lives alone with her amazing dog Lucca who she's pretty sure is more awesome than all adorable babies combined." It shouldn't be a shock then that she vented such loathing at the conception of two new babies. It points to the one thing that conservative Christians can do to make secular leftists become completely unhinged: "Be fruitful and multiply." 

[H/t: thread (a traditionalist Catholic forum).]

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