Hypocritical CNN Downplays Gay Agenda -- When Obama Is Under Fire for It

August 1st, 2012 4:05 PM

CNN, the network that encourages gay activists and promotes the gay agenda, is now trying to sweep the issue aside – when President Obama is under fire for his support of gay marriage, that is. On Thursday morning, CNN's Carol Costello suggested Rev. William Owens, a critic of Obama's support for same-sex marriage, focus on something else.

"I think nearly every poll out there shows that same-sex marriage is low on the priority list for most Americans," she told Owens. "High on the priority list especially among African-American voters is the lack of jobs. So why not go out and talk about that instead of same-sex marriage?" [Video below the break. Audio here.]

CNN's Kyra Phillips took the opposite stance on same-sex marriage in April, calling it a "very big issue" and hounding Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) for wanting to talk about jobs and the debt instead.


Costello's sidestep was laughable considering she just promoted a 10 year-old gay marriage activist the day before. And CNN believes gay rights is quite an important matter, considering the positive coverage they give to gay rights activists:

Gay activists fighting the Boy Scouts' ban on openly-gay scouts and den leaders received encouragement and downright sappy interviews from CNN.

CNN hailed openly-gay Congressman Barney Frank (D-Mass.) as a gay "pioneer" while badgering social conservative Tony Perkins over why homosexuals "bother" him "so much."

CNN compared nominating a gay activist to a state's judiciary with desegregation.

CNN has boosted gay rights activists in their fight to win public favor on "marriage equality."

Anchor Don Lemon compared Mitt Romney defending traditional marriage to former Governor George Wallace pushing for segregation.

Shortly after President Obama announced his support for same-sex marriage, CNN's guests favoring gay marriage outnumbered those opposed five to one. The network continued its brazenly pro-gay coverage into the evening.

CNN showed complete hypocrisy considering it has spent time and headlines boosting the pro-gay agenda, only to dismiss its importance when President Obama was under fire for supporting it.