Will Media Object to Nancy Pelosi Angrily Telling Jake Tapper to 'Just Calm Down'?

April 27th, 2020 7:19 AM

The liberal media love to complain when they feel that President Trump has disrespected them. So how, if at all, will the MSM react to Nancy Pelosi telling Jake Tapper to "just calm down" when he asked about her failure to get state and local funding in the latest bailout bill?

Pelosi has been all over television getting softball questions. So when Tapper asked if she made a "tactical mistake," she wasn't in front of her ice cream freezer any more. She started objecting when Tapper said she made a "major concession" to Republicans on pandemic relief. Then he played a soundbite from Gov. Andrew Cuomo. 



JAKE TAPPER: I just want to play for you the sound from New York Governor Cuomo, because he said he needs money for his state to save New York from an economic tsunami. Take a listen to what he had to say.

ANDREW CUOMO: We’ve been talking about funding for state and local governments. And it was not in the bill that the House is going to pass today. They said don’t worry, don’t worry, don’t worry, the next bill. I said to my colleagues in Washington, I would have insisted that state and local funding was in this current bill, because I don’t believe they want the funds, state and local governments.

TAPPER: So Cuomo says he would have insisted on state funding in the last bill. And now Senator McConnell is saying he wants to push the pause button. Was this a tactical mistake by you and Senator Schumer?

NANCY PELOSI: Just calm down! We will have state and local and we will have it in a very significant way. It’s no use going into what might have been.

Pelosi then went on to praise Governor Cuomo and other governors, so the idea she was telling Cuomo to "just calm down" after that clip doesn't make sense. She was insulting Tapper. In the show's open, he announced "Democrats say more help is on the way....Did Democrats miss the best chance to get it done?" 

Tapper asked basically three questions over nine minutes. He asked about remote voting for members of the House, the Cuomo question, and whether Pelosi now agrees on Trump's ban on most travel from China. Tapper let Pelosi babble on for two minutes or more each time. So even if the questions weren't gooey, allowing the Speaker to go on and on showed Tapper was....pretty calmed down.

It was much calmer than his Sunday sermon about Trump's GOP enablers being the "villains" of American history.