Mika: 'We Know Chris Christie And We Know He Would Have Known'

With a "personal friend" like Mika Brzezinski, Chris Christie doesn't need enemies.  Yesterday and again today, the Morning Joe co-host insisted that the media's focus needed to be exclusively on Christie and the bridge matter, and that any discussion of President Obama's involvement with the IRS, Benghazi and other scandals was a "distraction."

Today, relying on her personal relationship with Christie, Mika took things a giant step further, declaring "we know Chris Christie and we know he would have known."   Mika was in effect claiming that Christie lied when he said at his marathon press conference that he had only very recently learned that his aides had ordered the bridge closures.  View the video after the jump.

Christie might well reflect on the old adage that in politics, if you want a friend, get a dog.


MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Is there anybody else like you [Mark McKinnon] that thinks unequivocally that he could have just been lied to and there's a chance he might not have known anything?

JOE SCARBOROUGH: I think that.



BRZEZINSKI: See, I'm still struggling with how could he have not known? I think most people think how could he have not known, right?

SCARBOROUGH: It depends. It depends on the people who were around you. If you go back through one administration after another in the White House of things that, you know, were done that the President didn't know about.

BRZEZINSKI: But we know Chris Christie and we know that he would have known.

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