'That Was A Loaded Question There, Luke!': Republican Rep. Chaffetz Calls Russert Out

November 19th, 2013 2:47 PM

When conservatives appear on MSM shows, they regularly get raked over the coals. Frustratingly, the conservative guests rarely call their interviewers out for their obvious lefty bias.

So it was refreshing to see Republican Congressman Chaffetz of Utah refuse to let Luke Russert's liberal slant slide. In the guise of a question, Russert, subbing for Andrea Mitchell on her MSNBC show today, confronted Chaffetz with a contentious bit of editorializing against the "Ted Cruz, Mike Lee rabbit hole." Chaffetz called Russert on it: "That was a loaded question there, Luke!" View the video after the jump.

Kudos to Chaffetz for keeping his cool while not letting Russert get away with his liberally loaded question.

Note: Russert had begun his liberal lecture before levelling that last loaded question.  He invited Chaffetz to agree that Obamacare would have worked "much better" if not for "obstruction" by Republican governors.


LUKE RUSSERT: New York Times had an editorial today, and they said the following, quote, "the Obama administration's fumbling is apparently a good excuse for them to do nothing--them being the GOP--on immigration reform, on a budget agreement and on any other initiative coming out of the White House. Do you worry as someone who follows House GOP politics quite closely that because you guys don't really have any substantial legislation moving forward for the rest of this year, that all these gains you could make are going to go by the wayside come January 15th and you could go back down the Ted Cruz, Mike Lee rabbit hole that was so bad for your party last month?

JASON CHAFFETZ: Well that was a loaded question there, Luke! But no, come on, we can walk and chew gum, too.