Scarborough: Rand Paul A 'Daddy's Boy', Shouldn't Fight With 'Pig' Chris Christie

July 31st, 2013 7:38 AM

Commenting on the current clash between Rand Paul and Chris Christie over pork-barrel spending, Joe Scarborough has managed to insult both combatants.

On today's Morning Joe, Scarborough called Rand Paul a "daddy's boy."  And in warning Paul not to pick a fight with Christie, Scarborough cited a saying to the effect that you should never fight with a "pig," because "you both get dirty and the pig likes it."  Scarborough was careful to suggest that in comparing Christie to a "pig" he wasn't alluding to the Jersey governor's girth. OK. View the video after the jump.

Yes, Rand Paul's rise was surely facilitated by being the son of Ron.  But Rand seems a very substantial person in his own right.  Anyone remember the last time Scarborough suggested that Hillary is less than a formidable fighter because she rode to power on Bill's blue dress-tails?

JOE SCARBOROUGH: My grandma in Dalton, Georgia, always said this: never get in a fight with a pig. Because you both get dirty, and the pig likes it. I'm making no reference--no--I'm talking about, Chris Christie likes fighting.

ROBERT GIBBS: He likes mixing it up.

SCARBOROUGH: Rand Paul, he's a daddy's boy.  I'm sorry, he's grown up in, he, I don't know that he scratched and clawed his way to the Senate.  I'm glad he's there; I've got a libertarian streak in me.  You don't want to screw with Chris Christie.