MSNBC Contributor Assures: I've Never Gotten Frisky With Fido

March 26th, 2013 9:41 PM

There's been plenty of serious analysis of the the gay marriage cases before the Supreme Court.  Maybe it's time for some comic relief . .  .

Appearing on Al Sharpton's MSNBC show this evening, MSNBC contributor Jimmy Williams took issue with Justice Antonin Scalia's musing whether if states can't prohibit gay marriage, they can ban bestiality.  Describing himself as "a certified, organic homosexual," Williams declared "I have a dog, but I've never had sex with my dog." View the video after the jump.

I have a libertarian take on the same-sex marriage issue, but can't help finding Williams's statement hilarious. 

AL SHARPTON: Gay marriage compared to murder and bestiality?  Justices are supposed to be like umpires, calling balls and strikes. But Scalia, he's not even in the right ballpark.  Joining me now are Jimmy Williams and David Corn.  Thank you both for being on the show. Jimmy, let me go to you first. It doesn't seem like Scalia is an impartial umpire, now does it?

JIMMY WILLIAMS: No, Reverend Al, he's not very impartial.  Out of all the things that you just listed that he has compared homosexuality to, as a certified, organic homosexual on national TV, I've not done any of those things.  I have a dog, but I've never had sex with my dog.