MoveOn.Mika: 'Silly' To Discuss Obama Not Telling Truth Over Authorship Of Sequester

February 25th, 2013 8:51 AM

Call her MoveOn.Mika . . . Bob Woodward has demonstrated that President Obama was not telling the truth during the third presidential debate when he flatly stated that "the sequester is not something that I've proposed. It is something that Congress has proposed.” In fact, it was two Obama aides who devised the plan, and Obama himself who approved it.

But when Joe Scarborough wanted to get those facts on the record this morning, Mika Brzezinski repeatedly declared that discussing Obama's failure to tell the truth was "silly." Things got heated between the co-hosts at one point as Mika cut Joe off, saying "I need to talk."  And trying to end the uncomfortable discussion, Mika actually announced "I'm moving on." View the video after the jump.

Watch MoveOn.Mika try to take the heat off President Obama for having played fast and loose with the truth.

Note: Mika subsequently revised and extended her remarks, adding that it was "silly" for President Obama to have denied having proposed the sequester.  But the embedded video makes clear that what she truly thinks is silly is spending time discussing President Obama's failure to tell the truth.


JOE SCARBOROUGH: How fascinating over the weekend, sort of a subplot going on here, was the battle between Bob Woodward and the White House. Willie just talked about how these draconian cuts were set up. The White House came out and said it wasn't our idea. Bob Woodward said well actually, yes, it was, and I've got you guys on the record telling me before that it was Jack Lew's idea aproved by the President. The President came out directly earlier, and Woodward wrote this all down this weekend where the President said in the debate, oh, the sequester wasn't my idea. It was the Republicans' idea. This past week Woodward coming out, made them back down. This actually was hatched at the White House. But then you've got the White House lobbing rhetorical bombs back at Woodward saying he's not telling the truth. A fascinating back and forth there.

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: I think the argument over who came up with it is silly because everyone voted for it, number one.

SCARBOROUGH: Except for the fact that the President's not telling the truth about it when he says it wasn't his idea.

BRZEZINSKI: And, uh --

SCARBOROUGH: Is that silly, when a President intentionally misleads the American people about who came up with this idea at a presidential debate?

BRZEZINSKI: I think Republicans looking at --

SCARBOROUGH: I'm just curious. Can you answer that? If George Bush didn't tell the truth to the American people on something like this, even a small matter, would that be silly?

BRZEZINSKI: I think the whole thing is silly, yes. I do think --

SCARBOROUGH: The President not telling the truth.

BRZEZINSKI: I need to talk. Hold on one second.

SCARBOROUGH: I'd like you to answer the question, though.

BRZEZINSKI: Yes, it's silly. I'm answering. Now I'm moving on.