Politico Headline: Mitt 'Oozes' Empathy In New Ad

From the Department of Damned if You Do, Damned If You Don't . . .

The MSM delighted in raking Mitt Romney over its coals [solar cells?] for his 47% remarks.  So how do they react when Romney issues an ad saying that whereas both he and President Obama care about the poor, his plans will actually help them?  With scorn, of course.

Check out the headline from today's Morning Score at Politico: "Mitt Oozes Empathy In New Ad."  View the ad after the jump.

"Oozes" empathy?  Really?  Have a look at the ad and see if it doesn't come across as a straightforward pitch that simply says that Romney has a better plan to help people.  Guess the MSM won't be happy unless Romney appears in a top hat and tails, snatching bottles away from baby orphans.

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