Obama To Sharpton: 'My Religious Faith' Makes Me Believe Republicans Will Agree To Raise Taxes

On his MSNBC show this evening, Al Sharpton played the audio of his radio-show interview of President Obama in which the president, commenting on the failure of the Super Committee, said "my religious faith" makes him believe at some point Republicans will agree to raise taxes.

Even the Reverend Al couldn't take PBO's reference to his religious faith seriously, as he can be heard chuckling in the background. View the video after the jump.

Listen to President Obama's apparently tongue-in-cheek profession of faith.


AL SHARPTON: I talked with President Obama in an exclusive interview for my syndicated radio show just moments ago.  And I asked him about today's news: "how do you respond to their [the Super Committee] announcing that they can't reach a deal, and where do we go from here?

BARACK OBAMA: Look, there's no doubt that I'm disappointed that not just Congress generally, but the Republicans in particular, are not willing to put serious revenue on the table as part of a balanced plan . . . So the position they're taking is short-sighted.  Uh, but, uh, you know, I, uh, it, it, it must be my, uh, religious faith, reverend, cause, uh, hope springs eternal and I continue to believe that at some point common sense will prevail and we'll be able to work something out.   

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