Scarborough Denounces Mika's Double Standard On Biden 'Rape' Fear-Mongering

A notable moment on Morning Joe today, as Joe Scarborough called out Mika Brzezinski on her double standard when it comes to criticizing politicians for their over-the-top remarks.

Setting Scarborough off was Brzezinski's defense of Joe Biden's allegation that crime, including rape, would increase if Republicans don't vote for President Obama's latest tax-raising stimulus plan.  Joe claimed Mika would surely condemn a Republican, such as Michelle Bachmann, employing similar fear-mongering tactics.  Video after the jump.


Be sure to check out Mika's priceless facial expressions at the end of the clip.

After rolling video of a supposedly-incensed Joe Biden doing his fear-mongering shtick . . .

JOE SCARBOROUGH: I still think it's fascinating, Mika, that if Michelle Bachmann had said something like that, that Barack Obama was contributing to a situation that would lead to increased rapes in America, you would be going crazy right now. The same with Herman Cain.  And I'd be agreeing with you. But here you've got the Vice-President of the United States, who suggested before that Republicans were hostage-takers, and now this time has said pass a bill with a tax increase in it or you are contributing to the increase of rape and robbery across America, and you want to give him a free pass.  It just doesn't--it's not consistent.

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: I think it's highly emotional, the way he presented it, but what he was saying, that the numbers will go up --

SCARBOROUGH: When Rush gets excited and says some really inappropriate things, emotions involved there too. You just can't call out the other side and not call out your own.

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