Maddow Mocks Mitch McConnell: 'Little Mitch The Rodeo Queen'

May 31st, 2011 10:04 PM

File this one under: Imagine If The Partisan Tables Were Turned.

On her MSNBC show this evening, Rachel Maddow repeatedly mocked Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell as "little Mitch, the rodeo queen."

Maddow was miffed over McConnell's arranging a Senate vote on the raising of the debt ceiling, and by extension the Republican position on Medicare reform.  And so, for about ten--interminable--minutes, Maddow beat into the ground a labored metaphor, somehow analogizing McConnell to the cowgirls in Utah who were forced to compete on stick ponies because the real horses had been sidelined by illness.

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Watch Maddow's mocking binge and imagine the howls of MSM outrage if a conservative pundit had pulled the equivalent stunt.

RACHEL MADDOW: On Friday night's show, I feel I need to talk to you about this, we led the show with something that I feel a little bit sorry about. A little bit sorry. Honestly, I would probably do it all over again if confronted with the same opportunity. If you didn't see it, it was the story of rodeo queen contestants outside of Salt Lake City being forced by adverse circumstances to do something they would otherwise not do.  Instead of riding real horses for their rodeo queen competition, there was a horse problem that resulted in them having to ride hobby horses instead of real horses.  They had to ride little stick ponies . . .

Imagine Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell as a rodeo queen, just for a moment.  Little Mitch is eight years old, he's a rodeo queen . . . But Mitch, little Mitch, little metaphorical Mitch McConnell, the rodeo queen . . . Little Mitch, little Mitch McConnell the rodeo queen.