Chuck Todd: Walker Supporters Bunch of Bitter-Clingers

Shades of bitter-clingers!

Chuck Todd has developed an interesting device to delegitimize support for Gov. Scott Walker, depicting his backers as uneducated, frustrated, blue-collar people who are willing to "lash out at government workers."

Yup, there's no respectable basis to support Walker and his call for reforms on a collective bargaining system that has nearly wrecked Wisconsin and many other states.  No, there's just the irrational reaction of the embittered, ignorant masses.

Todd offered his analysis on today's Morning Joe in explaining that the Obama administration is backing off a bold stand on Wisconsin, given its swing-state status.

View video after the jump.

Watch Todd trash support for Walker.

CHUCK TODD: They [in the Obama admin] know it's a swing state, they know that this is, that there has been ratcheted-up rhetoric against government workers. Forget whether the pension thing [?], but  during this low-unemployment [sic] crisis, and they know that this is really an effective message strategy, particularly with non-college educated, sort of white blue-collar workers who are frustrated that they can't find a job, or frustrated by the lack of manufacturing jobs, and are willing to lash out at government workers.

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