Conservatives Need Not Apply To Shuster's New Blog Segment

So much for any pretense of balance. Looks like David Shuster has taken a page from Keith Olbermann's playbook: play exclusively to your crowd; exclude any alternative voices.

Announcing this evening a new regular feature focusing on the blogosphere on his 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue show, Shuster made it clear that conservatives need not apply.
DAVID SHUSTER: Every day at this time, we're going to bring you a key issue in the progressive blogosphere.
For what it's worth, Shuster's inaugural guest in the blogging segment was Joshua Marshall of Talking Points  The subject was John McCain's credibility on the stimulus plan, and—surprise!—Marshall declared that when it comes to bi-partisanship, neither McCain nor any Republican has "any credibility" and that McCain has "just become a whiner at this point."

If you're interested in a liberal echo chamber, sounds like 1600 is your show!
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