Geist Takes The Mickey Out of Green Week

Amidst all the sanctimonious do-gooderism and global-warming alarmism that is NBC/Universal's "Green Week," it's good to see that at least one network minion has managed to maintain his sense of humor.

Morning Joe's Willie Geist became something of a sensation with his spoof electioneering for John McCain on the sidewalks of Manhattan's ultra-blue Upper West Side.  In that same spirit, Willie ventured onto the streets of midtown yesterday, asking folks how they were celebrating Green Week, and posing provocative questions. Sample: "Do you think global warming is kinda hogwash? I mean, look how cold it is today."  He got some amusing answers and met some colorful characters, including one dazed and confused fellow who turned out to be none other than Mike Barnicle.

Bonus Coverage: Mika The Maxim Hottie

The panel also had some fun with the news that Maxim magazine has named Mika Brzezinski one of the 10 Hottest News Anchors.  Mika self-deprecatingly mentioned that her husband, father and brother had received numerous illustrious awards, whereas all she'd won was this.  A perfect set-up for Scarborough's line 'o the morning . . .

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Your husband gets Emmys, you get Maxim Top 10 Hottie awards.  Your dad brings about world peace, and, you know, you have teenage boys --

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: OK, you know what?

SCARBOROUGH: -- staring at your picture.

Much mirth and hilarity ensues.

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