Luke to GOP: Go Left

Perhaps Luke Russert should drop his NBC gig as youth-vote specialist and become a full-time Republican consultant.  The son of the late Meet The Press host didn't hesitate this evening to share his advice to the GOP, which can be summarized in two words: go left.

The 23-year old Russert dropped his pearls of electoral wisdom while chatting with the hard-working Mika Brzezinski, guest-hosting for David Gregory on this evening's 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue after co-anchoring Morning Joe at the crack of dawn.

View video here.

LUKE RUSSERT: I just think that as a whole the party should really take a cue from what's going on across the pond with David Cameron and the Conservative party in the U.K. David Cameron has made the Conservative party hip and trendy.  He has sort of told the party to come back from the hard-core issues like abortion and gay marriage and more care about sort of poverty and stuff like Darfur, and I really think that's the generation, generational approach that is needed for the Republicans now.

An unsurprising suggestion from the fellow who famously said that University of Virginia students tended to favor Obama since they were the smartest kids in the state.

Anyhow, the Republicans might want to get cracking on a big televised event.  Call it "Sort-of-Poverty-and-Stuff-Like-Darfur Aid." Co-sponsored with Planned Parenthood, perhaps.

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