Biden Versus the 'Bucket of Fluff'

The woman introducing Joe Biden to a Michigan crowd yesterday called Sarah Palin a "bucket of fluff."   Biden then told the crowd that Barack Obama is too smart and too well-educated to live in a Republican neighborhood.  Now that the Dems have put Obama's smarts and education on the table, will the MSM demand Obama finally release his Columbia transcript? 

Of all the people the Dems might have chosen to raise the issue, Joe Biden?  He who publicly claimed to have finished in the top half of his Syracuse law school class . . . when in fact he was 76th in a class of 85, plagiarizing a paper there along the way?

But, OK, fine.  Biden's put it out there.  We know about Biden's academic record. And John McCain's far-from-stellar academics at the Naval Academy are well documented.  Sarah Palin apparently moved around quite a bit in college. But there's one person about whom there is a very large lacuna when it comes to his academic record: one Barack Obama.  His campaign has refused to release his Columbia University undergraduate transcript, the one upon which he was admitted to Harvard Law.  Now that Biden has put smarts on the table, will the MSM demand that Obama come clean on Columbia?

That woman who introduced Biden?   In a burst of feminist solidarity, here's what Barbara Theaker had to say about Sarah Palin:
BARBARA THEAKER: Barack Obama has made an intelligent choice for the vice-presidency.  How so very different this is from that bucket of fluff that the Republican candidates have chosen for the same position.
Biden can be seen in the video trying to slink off the stage in embarrassment. But he overcame his better instincts and came back later to publicly extol Theaker: "“I’ll tell you what, you are good.  My lord, all I need is ten of you in America and this is a walk home.”

Alright then.  It's Biden versus the Bucket of Fluff, and the creaky old fighter pilot versus . . . well, we're not quite sure.  Will the MSM do its job and try to discover just what it was at Columbia that Barack Obama doesn't want the world to know about?

As for the politics: after Clinging Bitter-gate, how will Americans react to being told they're intimidated by Obama's smarts; that he's too smart for their neighborhood? And how will women respond to hearing that someone whom they like and respect for her grit and achievement is nothing but a bucket of fluff?
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