‘Rent is Too Damn High’ Guy Runs for NY Mayor, Bashes Economic Recovery

April 25th, 2013 12:23 PM

Two years ago, Jimmy McMillan ran for New York governor and became a viral sensation, with more than 7 million Youtube views.  Now the creator of The Rent is Too Damn High party is running for New York City mayor and has expanded his platform is his new rap anthem video.

In the first 30 seconds of his video, the news reporter declared that rent in New York is at an all time high. “Critics say Bloomberg has failed.” McMillan pointed out that mayor’s economic record is one of failure.

While McMillan’s original theme of high rent remained one of his main platforms, his video went into other economic issues, as well. The video begins with a stunning statistic delivered by a fictional TV newswoman – that the average rent in Manhattan is $3,794 a month. That works out to more than $45,000 a year or close to the median household income in the U.S. This rent figure is sadly accurate, according to MNS, a real estate firm located in New York City.

“Rent and the deficit is too damn high. Poverty and unemployment both up in the sky. Wages and education is too damn low. Economic recovery is too damn slow,” he raps in his new video. While the video is short, pithy, and entertaining, McMillan does have a valid point about Bloomberg’s economic failures.

According to the New York State Department of Labor, as of March 2013, New York’s unemployment is 8.5%. Bronx County, a part of the New York City metropolitan area, had the second highest unemployment in the state, with a rate of 11.5%.

Maybe if Mayor Bloomberg would stop pushing nanny state policies and start trying to implement business friendly policies, he could help his city. But alas, Bloomberg is too preoccupied with large sodas.

It’s doubtful that McMillan will pose an actual threat to others running for New York mayor, but it’s refreshing to see an entertaining commentary on the state of New York, and the country as a whole.