Sex, Violence, Anti-Catholicism – It’s an ‘American Horror Story’ All Right

November 14th, 2012 11:40 AM

When the first season of Ryan Murphy’s twisted blood-and-sex fest premiered on FX in 2011 Entertainment Weekly put “American Horror Story” at the top of its “Must-Watch” list.

The original “American Horror Story” pushed explicit content on cable television with voyeurism, dual masturbation, graphic sex and an unhealthy dose of murder, blood and gore. It even featured a child taking vengeance on a bully by slashing his face to bloody ribbons for 43 seconds.

The grotesque drama debuted its second season, “American Horror Story: Asylum,” in 2012 with hyped fanfare from liberal outlets, and featured actress Jessica Lange as a sadistic and sexual nun.

A September column by MRC founder L. Brent Bozell highlighted Hollywood’s obsession of aiming hateful stereotypes at Catholics,a regular theme in “American Horror Story.” Bozell quoted the show’s own publicity:

A summary of the characters spread across the Internet by Murphy’s team also explains that “Lange now takes on Sister Jude, a nun who's more sadistic than saintly.” Monsignor O’Hara will be the subject of the nun’s sexual desires: “Sister Jude's superior finds himself on the receiving end of the nun's affections (and fantasies), but he's not entirely innocent. Not unlike the red lingerie under Jude's habit, there are dark intentions under Monsignor O'Hara's grace and piety. This year, he'll be subject to Sister Jude's brutal punishment (read: shackles, canes).”

Murphy, who is also behind sleazy shows “Glee” and “Nip/Tuck,” told “Entertainment Weekly” that Catholic groups shouldn’t be outraged by the show. “We show people who are really devoted to Catholicism and believe in its powers. For the most part, the religious people in the show are making an attempt to do their best in a very difficult world,” Murphy said.

The most recent episode of “Asylum” slimed up the story of Anne Frank. A disturbed woman is admitted to the hospital after stabbing a man over an anti-Semitic remark, and Asylum’s version of the Jewish martyr is literally out for blood.

Meanwhile Asylum’s graphic violence and sex count keeps going up with each week.

A homosexual patient, Lana, decided she wanted to be cured of her sickness in order to escape the asylum, and subjected herself to Murphy’s horrifying idea of “aversion/conversion therapy.”

Dr. Thredson administered a nausea inducing drug to Lana while simultaneously showing her sexy pictures of women. After the slideshow Thredson demanded Lana fondle the genitals of a male inmate while she masturbated.

If you aren’t already ready to vomit, there’s more.

“Asylum’s” Dr. Arden committed horrific medical crimes against a patient named Shelly. Viewers were treated to a shot of a young woman with a blistered skull and amputated arms and legs writhing in agony.

Later, two characters had graphic sex on a table after the female character flashbacked to her parents’ grisly murder, where she discovered the pile of intestines that used to be her stepmother.

And Murphy, who is an enthusiastic Obama supporter, released a disgusting political themed “American Horror Story” poster on election night. The poster titled “American Horror Story: Election” featured Mitt Romney’s as a bloody nun and Obama as a rubber man.

After the election was over Murphy tweeted, “Take that Mitches.” But what else can you expect from the creator of a show as dark and polluted as “American Horror Story?”