Christian NASCAR Driver Blake Koch Loses Sponsor after ESPN Pulls Ad

The liberal media are again attempting to silence another Christian voice in their crusade for “tolerance.” ESPN refused to air NASCAR driver Blake Koch's advertisement, which encourages American youth to vote, because of Koch’s Christian faith.

Koch partnered with "Rise Up and Register" to produce the voting advertisement. After ESPN’s refusal, the non-religion based campaign pulled its sponsorship of Koch.

Although the ad was non-partisan and non-religious ESPN denied it a spot because it linked back to Koch’s website, where he promotes ministry and his Christian faith.

According to “Fox News Insider,” the ad injected no sort of political or religious agenda and Koch said the only message he was trying to send with the ad was to register an additional one million people to vote. It wasn’t tied to a particular candidate or party, he explained.

ESPN has a history of lashing out at Christian figures. The network bashed Christian quarterback Tim Tebow for his "polarizing" behavior, and in February one of its reporters directed a racial slur at basketball player Jeremy Lin, another devout Christian athlete.

ESPN is not the first network to idle Christian devotion, and Koch’s case coupled with other all-out assaults on believing Christians only continues to prove the left is accepting of any faith but Christianity.

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