‘Good Christian’ Show Attacks Christians 72 Times in 2 Episodes

“Hell Hath No Fury,” the second episode in ABC’s unholy mess “GCB,” was even worse than the pilot. Despite the vain and meager PR attempts by its Jesus-touting stars, the show's true agenda of degrading Christianity, conservatives, and Texans shines as bright as the light of Heaven with a total of 72 attacks on the Christian faith in a mere two episodes.

“GCB’s” sin-filled debut left audiences and advertisers questioning Disney-owned ABC’s credibility. Because of the show’s blatant assault on a particular audience, Kraft pulled its Philadelphia Cream Cheese ad  from the programming faster than Kristen Chenoweth could don one of her hideous “Southern” costumes.

A company spokesperson for Kraft said, “We have received a few complaints from consumers and their opinions about our advertising are important to us. We have recently decided to redirect our advertising to other programs."

GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich called out ABC on their intended bigotry declaring the network would never run a show that openly mocked Islam and featured Muslim in “GCB’s” place of Christian.

“GCB” seems to have conquered the impossible, and “Hell Hath No Fury” was filled with even more raunch than the pilot mocking Christianity a total of 42 times. The outlook doesn’t look to improve either.

Scheming queen “B” Carlene (Chenoweth) continues to spitefully quote Scripture as justification for her sinful ways, while her husband proclaims her to be the epitome of a "Proverbs 31" woman.  

This reference might be a coincidence or it could be a dig at the recently launched Proverbs 31 movement, a campaign started by a Christian man to encourage and support women as they strive to live for Christ instead of focusing on worldly values.

The show advanced its gay subplot even further when viewers found out that character Cricket Caruth is knowingly married to a gay man, and is acting as a cover for his un-Biblical lifestyle.

“GCB” knows no boundaries when it comes to sex, and exploits young women, with the majority of the episode focusing on the appearance and breast size of the characters’ daughters.

ABC would have you believe that intelligent women of integrity do not exist in Texas since Amanda’s daughter is hailed as “unattractively smart” by the other women’s plastic daughters who are obsessed with buying “starter boobs”.

The writers depict Southern women as broodmares and trophy wives, a notion affirmed by Carlene when she claims she does everything her husband says because she came from his rib, a vicious take on woman’s creation in Genesis.

Later Carlene tells her friend Sharon the best way to control her husband is by giving him a “plentiful feast at home,” and that her own husband, Rip, dines on an “all you can eat buffet.”

There is a one ray of hope in all this darkness, “GCB’s” crude Sunday premiere received poor ratings, proving that sex and immorality doesn’t always sell. 

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