‘GCB’ - Desperately Un-Christian Housewives

In just over 40 minutes ABC managed to degrade Christianity 30 times in its sex-and-sin filled pilot episode of “GCB,” which is anything but Christian. The episode also included an agenda of mocking Texans and conservatives. 

The first glimpse of the show reveals the main character’s husband involved in an extra-marital affair. The cheating pair tries to make a hasty getaway, and amidst their flight the other woman performs oral sex on her lover while he is driving.  Predictably, this does not end well, as the immoral twosome’s car catapults over a cliff as a result of their stupidity. This is only in the first 50 seconds.

From this moment on “GCB” is an avalanche of depravity, but would anyone expect less from a show originally titled “Good Christian Bitches?” But although the title has changed, an early scene shows the star’s picture in a yearbook labeled “Bitch,” just to underline what the title really means.

The main characters are bleached-blond, plastic surgery tramps who debase the values that are common among Texan women – faith, family and friendship. The show completely twists conservative morals, insinuating that Christian, Texas women are God’s own hypocritical mean girls.

Sex and lust are paraded throughout the entire episode like the prized heifer at a show, which ironically the main character Amanda is referred to by her mother as she tells her daughter, “If you don’t put it in the window how will they know it’s for sale?” 

Indeed, Amanda does in a way sell herself, when she accepts a job at restaurant called “Booby-licious,” an establishment reminiscent of Hooters where she is called a “MILF” by teen, male characters.

Resident, Dallas queen-bee Carlene is groped by her husband Zach while at church as he whispers how turned on he was by her David and Bathsheba Sunday School lesson, a Bible parable that preaches against lust and adultery. Later the two chuckle about how “spiritually mature” their marriage is and then proceed to have sex on Zach’s desk.

What’s even more sordid is the way “GCB” completely warps Scripture, and uses it as  a justification for revenge and sin. Psalm 18:9 is viciously referenced by Carlene who believes this is divine intervention prompting her to attack and slander other women. Naturally, the show debuted on the Sabbath.

Carlene then tells her friends “Onward you Christian soldier, “as she and her other Barbie doll-bimbo minions proceed to make Amanda’s life a living hell, all while touting “John 3:16” on the back of her car, with a license plate that says “Holyone.”

Carlene even uses a verse in Job, “The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away,” to threaten a friend into her scheming.

ABC’s portrayal of Texas women is as offensive as it is incorrect. All of “GCB’s” women are skinny, drunken, big-breasted housewives with voluminously teased hair who do nothing but plot, connive and covet after all things materialistic.

The men look like something out of a dude-ranch gone wrong as they stride around in tall hats and yoked, long-sleeved shirts, fashion befitting what you would find in the kids section of a western-wear store.

And one of the men, Amanda discovers, in secretly gay, although he is publicly married to one of the women she went to high school with. Just one more anti-conservative plot line to keep the writers happy.

Obviously, the writers of “GCB” have never been to Texas or set foot in any respectable western wear-outlet, and why would they? The purpose of these characters is meant to be derogatory toward the south, not realistic.

Of course all these stereotypes are sitting obediently in the church-pew on Sunday morning, and are surely scheming on how to best do the devil’s work.

At the end of the episode Carlene confronts Amanda telling her that Dallas is a “righteous community” with a “moral code.” Amanda responds by reminding her, “Jesus hung out with whores and thieves.”

“GCB” has absolutely no shame in mocking prayer and all things sacred to Christianity. This show is a testament to the left’s continued war on faith, and they would like viewers to believe that all Christians behave in this absurd and insulting manner.

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