Pelosi Fears Tough Questions...To the Delight of Sycophantic Press

August 10th, 2020 10:04 AM

Throughout her second tenure as Speaker of the House, far-left Democratic Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi has repeatedly shown what a thin skin she has when faced with even the most mildly challenging questions from reporters. Despite the leftist media constantly making a show of how outraged they are whenever President Trump criticizes their abhorrent coverage, Pelosi somehow always gets a pass for her poor treatment of the press. In fact, many of her sycophantic fans pretending to be journalists have actually hailed her hostility.

NewsBusters has compiled a list of examples of Pelosi refusing to answer press questions, many of which include reporters embarrassing themselves by praising the Democratic leader’s obstinance:

Pelosi: NBC Has Always Had it Out for Me!



JONATHAN CAPEHART: Now, though, NBC News has a story about all the Democrats who are running, who are running for election this year, interviewed – you see it there, “Democrats opposing Pelosi.” And these are the 51 people who are surveyed who are candidates. Forty-two of them are Democratic nominees, nine of them are incumbents, who have said that they will not support you in the run for speaker.

PELOSI: Well, let me just say, first of all –

CAPEHART: Well, one, why not, if the Democrats take back the House, give up the gavel? Give it to a new generation of leaders?  

PELOSI: Well, first of all, let me just say this, and I know NBC has been on a jag of this, this is one of their priorities, to undermine my prospects as speaker.

– Exchange during MSNBC’s AM Joy, August 13, 2018, just months before Democrats won back control of the House in the 2018 midterm election and installed Pelosi as Speaker for the second time.


CBS’s Stahl So Impressed By How Pelosi ‘Swatted Down’ Her Questions



LESLEY STAHL: She is a very strong person and stronger than I think we realized. I mean we the public.


STAHL: Well, because just watch how she stood up to me in this whatever I asked, I was just —  

KING: Swatted?

STAHL: Swatted down in a nice way.

– Exchange on CBS This Morning, April 12, 2019, previewing Stahl’s 60 Minutes interview with Pelosi.


Pelosi Won’t Take Questions From ‘Mr. Republican Talking Points’ Rosen



JAMES ROSEN: I wonder if you could explain to the American people why the legal rights of the whistleblower should prevail in this political setting over those of President Trump, who should ordinarily enjoy a right to confront his accuser?

NANCY PELOSI: I will say this to you, Mr. Republican Talking Points, when you talk about the whistleblower, we’re coming into my wheelhouse. I have more experience in intelligence than anybody in Congress, than anybody who has ever served, 25 years on the committee as top Democrat, ex officio, as speaker and leader. I was there when we wrote the whistleblower laws.

– Testy exchange between Sinclair reporter James Rosen and Pelosi during a Capitol Hill press conference, over a “whistleblower” leaking details about President Trump’s phone call with the president of Ukraine, November 14, 2019.


Follow Nancy’s Orders! Pelosi Tells CBS Not to Ask Her About GOP Criticism



MARGARET BRENNAN: Well, Republicans argue here –

NANCY PELOSI: You know what? If – if we could just talk about what we want to do – I – I really have a real discomfort level of responding to what Republicans say because they are in denial about what has happened in the country. So if you want to ask me about where we’re going on this I’m happy to respond to that. But I – I – I – I find it a waste of my time and yours to just be talking about what Republicans say.

BRENNAN: Well, I – I want to just let you respond, though, to the argument that’s being made in messaging by Republicans here. That the grounds for the impeachment –

PELOSI: No, but I don’t want to respond.

– Exchange regarding Republican criticism of the Democrats’ partisan push for the impeachment of Trump, CBS’s Face the Nation, November 17, 2019.


You Don’t Shout Questions at Queen Pelosi



DANA BASH: Number two, it was the word “hate,” that set her off, because it feeds into that idea, but also it is a personal thing for her. When she said “don't mess with me”, she said don’t mess with me when it comes to the words that you use or that you ascribe to me. And third, not to get too far behind the curtain, but why not, James Rosen used to work for Fox News. He has been somebody who has asked her questions that have really ticked her off before. And so that is a history that can’t be overlooked. But, wow, what a moment.

KATE BOLDUAN: But it’s really notable, I'm so glad you’re here Dana, because you when you are in the room, this is a weekly press conference, she holds it every week, there is a formality to it, there is a tradition, there is a way that she runs it and how it always goes. If you shout out a question, she is basically not going to call on you. When she takes the last question, she means it and she walks off.

– Discussion on CNN’s At This Hour, December 5, 2019, after Pelosi had another run-in with Rosen during a congressional presser. He asked the Speaker: “Do you hate the president?”


Matthews Marvels: Pelosi’s “Finest Hour” When She ‘Rebuked’ Reporter



CHRIS MATTHEWS: Today Pelosi rebuked a reporter who suggested she is driven by personal antipathy to the President.

JAMES ROSEN: Do you hate the President, Madam Speaker? Because Representative Collins —

HOUSE SPEAKER NANCY PEOLOSI: I don't hate anybody.

ROSEN: — Representative Collins —

PELOSI: I was raised in a Catholic house.

ROSEN: — the reason I ask —

PELOSI: We don't hate anybody. Not anybody in the world. So, don’t — don’t you accuse me of anything.


MATTHEWS: I think it may have been her finest hour this morning already.


MATTHEWS: Did you see how well Pelosi handled the shot today about hating Trump?

ZERLINA MAXWELL: She did, yeah.

MATTHEWS: And she turned the guy and said, as a Catholic, I resent that. She had complete control.

– Coverage during MSNBC’s Hardball, December 5, 2019.


Pelosi Attacking Reporter = “Iconic Moment”



“‘Don't mess with me.’ One of the many iconic Nancy Pelosi moments from this period. You know, it wasn't that long ago when there was a rebellion of some Democrats in the House of Representatives to try to get a new Speaker of the House. She has so commanded this process and so much taken charge and so much become even more beloved by Democrats, the idea that there would be any rebellion against her at this point, is pretty laughable.”

– CNN’s chief legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin, New Day, December 6, 2019.


Pelosi Yells at CNN’s Tapper to ‘Calm Down’ After He Challenges Her



JAKE TAPPER: I just want to play for you the sound from New York Governor Cuomo, because he said he needs money for his state to save New York from an economic tsunami....Cuomo says he would have insisted on state funding in the last bill. And now Senator McConnell is saying he wants to push the pause button. Was this a tactical mistake by you and Senator Schumer?

NANCY PELOSI: Just calm down! We will have state and local and we will have it in a very significant way. It’s no use going into what might have been.

– Exchange during CNN’s State of the Union, April 26, 2020, regarding congressional negotiations about coronavirus relief legislation.


Pelosi Lectures MSNBC: You’re Too Fair to Republicans!



PETER ALEXANDER: Madam Speaker, let me ask you about police reform. Obviously a major issue as we see this wave of protests continuing across the country right now. You've echoed your Democratic colleagues who have said that the Republican bill is in their words, in your words, unsalvageable. When you were speaking yesterday, you said Republicans are trying to get away with murder actually, the murder of George Floyd. Senate Republicans are demanding an apology for that statement. Will you apologize?

NANCY PELOSI: Absolutely, positively not. The fact is -- I think you frankly in the press have given them far too much credit for a bill that does nothing. You're saying, you have their bill, they have theirs. Their bill does nothing.

– Exchange during MSNBC Live, June 24, 2020.