Joy Behar Touts 'Progressive' Pope to Bash Republicans, ACB Who Want to Take Us Back To ‘Middle Ages’

October 22nd, 2020 1:43 PM

Thursday on The View the hosts celebrated Catholic Church leader Pope Francis endorsing civil unions for same-sex couples as pontiff, in comments given in a documentary released yesterday. The liberal hosts used the news to trash Republicans and Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett as too conservative and backwards, while still demanding the Catholic Church go much further to the left. 



Co-host Sara Haines rejoiced at the news, comparing the Pope’s endorsement to Christmas morning before sharing her own family’s struggle to accept her brother’s sexuality. But Sunny Hostin and Joy Behar immediately went political. 

Behar used the opportunity to attack conservatives. She touted how the Catholic Church was now more progressive than the Republican Party while the GOP and Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett wanted to take America back to the “Middle Ages:”

JOY BEHAR: Well, you know, it's ironic that the head of the most -- or one of the most conservative religions in the world is actually more Progressive than the present Republican Party and some of the members of the Supreme Court. I mean, here's a guy Francis -- he seems like a great guy. I mean, he understands that the tide is turning. We are no longer in the Middle Ages. Men are landing on the moon. Medicine is progressing. We have antibiotics. We'll find a vaccine for this disease that we're in the middle -- things change. People progress. If the Republican Party had its way, if this reactionary Republican Party had its way, we would be going backwards, backwards, backwards. 

I mean, look at the woman they're putting up for the Supreme Court. I don't know -- all I know is that she has a history of defending the dissenters of the Obergefell decision for marriage equality. She has a history of that. So that is not going to help the situation!...

While celebrating the news, self-professed Catholic host Sunny Hostin said, “This is what Jesus would do, this is what it means to be Catholic,” but it wasn’t “far [to the left] enough,” because believing that marriage is between a man and woman is an “antiquated” view:

SUNNY HOSTIN: Well, you know, I'm a practicing Catholic, and I know this pope and I know his history and when he was archbishop in Buenos Aires, he said this same thing. I wasn't sure he was going to say this as the pope though. I was just thrilled that he said it out loud, right? I agree with Sara. This means just so much because -- I've said this to you, Whoopi, and I have said it publicly. This is what Jesus would do. This is, this is what it means to be Catholic. There is -- love is love. There is no difference, and if you are a true practicing Catholic, you know this, and I'm glad that he said it out loud. I don't know that it went far enough, you know, what he said was there should be civil unions. Why not marriage? Why not marriage? The Catholic Church still says that marriage is between a man and a woman. I think that that is antiquated. I think that our, you know, LGBTQ brothers and sisters deserve the Catholic Church to say marriage is marriage under the Catholic faith and church. 

The View has a long history of attacking conservative Christians and Catholics over living out their faith. Joy Behar was forced to apologize in 2018 for mocking Vice President Mike Pence for talking about his relationship with God. Besides the issue of marriage, the hosts have repeatedly slammed pro-life Christians and demanded Democrats put politics above their religion.

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