Defensive Chuck Todd: ‘Not True’ That The Media’s ‘Cheering’ for Trump to Fail!

NBC’s Meet the Press host Chuck Todd is on the defensive as more scrutiny has been placed on the media and his own network for their liberal bias.

Tweeting Tuesday, Todd lashed out at conservative critics for calling out the media’s eagerness to see Trump fail. “You know this isn’t true,” he snarked in response to a Fox News tweet.

It’s hard to know how Todd can “say” this with a straight face. NewsBusters has long documented the media’s obsession with Trump’s “scandals” to the tuning out of all other news and “scandals.” But some shows like The View, take the celebration of perceived Trump failures to a whole new level.
Back in May, the ABC hosts cheered the idea that the James Comey memo could be an “impeachable offense.” “It’s going to be easier to prove [Trump’s obstruction of justice] now!” host Sunny Hostin gushed.
In August, Joy Behar ranted and raved that Trump "needed to be taken out of office, he needs to be impeached" to cheers and applause from the audience.

Again just this past week, Joy Behar literally cheered and chanted “lock him up!” after the false Brian Ross scoop was reported, saying it felt “like Christmas” because now Trump would be forced out, comparing Trump to Richard Nixon.

But Todd wasn’t just out to defend liberal bias in the media, he also was ready to defend liberal bias in the FBI as well.

He retweeted national correspondent for Slate, Will Saletan, who complained that anyone attacking the news media, or the FBI were trying to “delegitimize” positions of authority so they could get away with lying or committing crimes. Really.

This of course comes after Todd used his Sunday show, Meet the Press, to attack Trump tweeting about Mueller removing the biased agent, as “thought police territory:”

[A]n FBI agent was just removed from Bob Mueller’s team for anti-Trump texts,” Todd proclaimed. He revealed his concern over the move: “I have to say, part of me thought, wait a minute, are we bordering into thought police territory?"

Todd went on to lead his liberal panel to whine that Trump’s tweets “undermined” the “truth value” of the press and the FBI investigation into Russia.

Todd's questioning isn't backed by the media's own reports. CNN reported today that the agent, who had worked on the Hillary Clinton e-mail probe, had downgraded the initial language describing Clinton’s actions in Comey’s report, from "grossly negligent" to "extremely careless."

Still it's no wonder that Todd and his fellow journalists are extra sensitive these days. The media’s own bias and hypocrisy is resonating with the public more and more as more scandals and shoddy reporting comes to light.

In the past several weeks, several liberal journalists have been fired, suspended or forced to resign from just about every network. ABC News suspended its investigative correspondent Brian Ross this weekend for reporting a gravely false “scoop” on Trump and Russia.

From Todd’s own network, longtime anchor Matt Lauer was finally fired, after years of being protected by NBC. Multiple women had come forward with accusations of sexual harassment and assault against the anchor and other media outlets were prepared to print the women’s stories so NBC had no choice but to let him go. Lauer was just the latest in a string of disgraced media figures, including CBS’s Charlie Rose and NPR’s Garrison Keillor accused of sexual harassment.


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