Bill Maher: ‘What Is Wrong’ With Roy Moore’s 10 Commandments,That Don’t Condemn Rape?

On HBO’s Real Time With Bill Maher November 10, the liberal anti-Christian talk show host laid into the Ten Commandments while talking about Alabama’s Roy Moore, with some particularly ignorant comments on what exactly the commandments prohibit. Asking his “Irish Catholic” guests, filmmaker Michael Moore and MSNBC host Chris Matthews about the Moore situation, he stupidly asked why “their” law didn’t prohibit the truly important things like racism, genocide and rape.

Mid-show, Maher asks his guests to comment on the Roy Moore situation.

“No relation,” guest Michael Moore joked.

Maher then brought up how Roy Moore was known for defending the 10 Commandments, insisting that a statue not be removed from the front of his courthouse, years ago. “Which is just so crazy on the face of it,” the Religulous filmmaker and HBO host mocked.

“I have to say, for the Ten Commandment guy, I went through the commandments again today,” he continued, before listing the first four commandments.

“You know what's not on the list? Torture, slavery, rape, genocide, animal cruelty, child abuse, racism, sexism, you know,” he foolishly snarked, before making this crass joke:

“If Roy Moore had said to the girl, ‘God dammit, Jesus Christ I'd like you to touch my dick--’ that would be a sin,” he remarked, to some chuckles from the audience.

“So, I’m just asking you guys, it’s your holy book, when it's this wrong about the big top ten list, what's the deal?” he smirked.



Instead of correcting their ill-informed host that the commandments encompassed pretty much all of these things he listed, his “Irish Catholic” guests didn’t seem too bothered by Maher’s red herring.

Moore turned to Matthews and informed him that the talk show host was referring to them, the two Irish Catholics at the table. But Matthews contested Maher’s reading, say he had read the “Protestant” version of the commandments.

“Our number four is the images,” he corrected Maher.

“Our number four is to honor your parents, what’s wrong with that Bill? Number five is don’t kill anybody. Number six is, do not be caught in the same room as Harvey Weinstein,” Moore joked.

“I’m just asking!” Maher teased back, before Matthews piped up with a slam against Republicans:

“We now know what the Republican age of consent is,” he stated, while the audience gasped then laughed, and the panel chuckled.

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