Hypocrisy Much? Theologian Who Uses Bible to Justify Tax Hikes, Gun Control Bashes Conservatives for 'Bible Thumping'

April 5th, 2013 3:32 PM

"I never thought I would write these words, but I agree with Bill O’Reilly (in part)." That's how Center for American Progress senior fellow and liberal theologian Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite opened her latest column for the Washington Post "On Faith" section, "Thumping the Bible: O’Reilly, gay marriage, and theology."

Brooks Thistlethwaite was praising the Fox News anchor for "vigorously defending his statement that opponents of same-sex marriage needed to do more than 'thump the Bible' if they wanted to win the debate." "If you want to influence public policy from a faith perspective, thumping the Bible does not constitute a religious argument," the Chicago Theological Seminary professor pontificated. But as we at NewsBusters have documented repeatedly, Brooks Thistlethwaite repeatedly uses the Bible to justify her calls for liberal policy prescriptions on everything from gun control to tax hikes to gay marriage.

"In my view, the Bible can be quite relevant. But you need to read the Bible in context, and use theology to make a persuasive faith argument," Brooks Thistlethwaite argued. 

Most politically conservative Christians, like yours truly, would agree with, but, again, as we've demonstrated time and again, Brooks Thistlethwaite -- nor any other liberal at On Faith, for that matter -- doesn't really do that when she "Bible thumps" for a liberal cause.