WashPost's Miller Continues to Omit Alleged Leaker's Ties to Democrat John Kerry

On Monday I noted how Washington Post staff writer Greg Miller failed to report that alleged top-secret information leaker John Kiriakou was employed from 2009 to 2011 as an investigator on the Foreign Relations Committee for Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.).

Today in a follow-up story about Kiriakou's wife Heather resigning her CIA analyst post, Miller once again failed to mention Kiriakou's connection to Sen. Kerry. What's more, whereas in the second paragraph of his January 23 article, Miller noted that Kiriakou had served as "a senior Senate aide," Miller today failed to even note Kiriakou's two-year tenure as a staffer with the U.S. Senate.

Also of interest, in March 2010, Kiriakou published a book entitled "Reluctant Spy," The same day, Kiriakou sat down for an interview on Hardball with Chris Matthews (see video at link) in which he charged former Vice President Cheney with pushing faulty intelligence to make a case for war in Iraq:

MATTHEWS: Bottom line, was the intelligence service, especially the CIA, pushed around by Dick Cheney to make the case for the war with Iraq?

KIRIAKOU: Absolutely. Absolutely. I come to that conclusion in the book, too. Dick Cheney, the Office of the Vice President, the Office of the Secretary of Defense, pushed faulty intelligence, fraudulent intelligence, produced by Ahmed Chalabi and his --

MATTHEWS: Chalabi, that guy, that crook? He may be the next prime minister. He`s over there still trying to take over the country.

KIRIAKOU: He very well could. He sold the White House and the Defense Department a bill of goods and it took us to war.

MATTHEWS: I just love the way that Cheney goosed everybody over there into saying stuff that isn`t true, and then started using him as a source. Unbelievable. Kiriakou, thank you, John. It made my day. Anyway, thank you. Cheney, again the problem.

So far, of course, Hardball's Chris Matthews has failed to cover Kiriakou's arrest.

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