's Breaking News Bias on 'Cut, Cap and Balance' Rejection by Senate

As soon as the Senate rejected the "Cut, Cap and Balance" plan, shot out a biased Breaking News alert to e-mail subscribers that labeled the measure as one "favored by hard-line conservative [sic]" (screen capture attached below page break):


The Senate votes 51 to 46 to table the "cut, cap and balance" bill passed earlier this week by the House, which would have imposed strict caps on all future federal spending while making it significantly tougher to raise taxes.

The House passed the measure on Tuesday, mostly along party lines. President Barack Obama said he would veto such a measure, favored by hard-line conservative, and Democrats in the Senate had said they would kill it if it passes the House.

You'll notice, of course, no mention that CNN's own poll shows nearly 2/3rds of Americans favor "Cut, Cap and Balance" and that some 74 percent want some sort of federal balanced budget amendment sent to the states for ratification.

One has to wonder if CNN thinks nearly 3/4ths of Americans are hardliners too.


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