France's Sarkozy Backs Down on Carbon Tax, NY Times Doesn't See Fit for Print Edition

Here's a story you might not be aware of what with all the media's focus on ObamaCare's passage and the MSM's short attention span when it comes to international news.

Yesterday, French President Nicolas Sarkozy decided to back down from a July deadline to pass a carbon dioxide tax into law. Apparently French business leaders had voiced strong objection, noting that it would put French business at a strong disadvantage with its European competitors.

Surely this story would never escape the notion of that great newspaper of record, the New York Times, which prides itself on publishing “All the news that’s fit to print.”

But alas, the print edition of the March 24 Times failed to include even a brief wire service item on the story, even though it published six pages worth of international news in the A-section in addition to three A-section front-page stories with international implications.

Despite having business implications, the carbon tax story also failed to appear in the paper’s business section. Indeed, the only mention in the dead tree edition of the Times today was a blurb directing readers to find the story online. From page B2’s On the Web digest:


CARBON TAX DROPPED France has dropped a big environmental goal: setting up a carbon tax to limit the growth of emissions and spur the development of renewable fuels.    JAD MOUAWAD

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