Dallas Morning News Blogger Tomaso: Catholic Group 'Exploits' Obama to Make Pro-Life Ad

Dallas Morning News religion blogger Bruce Tomaso has taken another swipe at pro-life Catholics with a January 21 post about how a "Catholic group exploits Obama's achievement [for an] anti-abortion ad." (embedded at right)

Back in December, you may recall, slapped around a Catholic priest and parochial school principal for pulling an Obama book off the shelves out of concern that it may push values contrary to Catholic moral teachings. Tomaso quipped that at least the priest didn't conduct a book burning.

In his January 21 item, Tomaso snarked that the argument by the pro-life ad group CatholicVote.com ad that, "Every fetus is precious, because you never know who will grow up to be president," was "the same argument" you could make about anyone.:

If Tim McVeigh's mom had had an abortion, might those 168 people in Oklahoma City still be alive?

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