Bigoted Morning Joe: Pro-Trump 'Liars Behind the Pulpit' Worse Than Pharisees

December 3rd, 2020 3:05 PM
Mika BrzezinskiWhenever COVID-19 is being discussed on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, the show’s co-hosts become even more unhinged than usual, creating a symphony of eye-rolling, scoffing, and screaming. On Thursday, Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski took their condescension to a whole new level, telling anyone who questions their narrative that they need to get help from mental health providers.

After Scarborough once again knocked President Trump for allegedly ignoring health care officials, including regular Morning Joe guest and Obama/Biden-affiliated oncologist Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, Brzezinski reminded him that the cause of the pandemic is not Trump alone, but also his task force, Republicans in the Senate, and everyone who worked in the administration, who “had to work hard to do this badly.” She then added immediately: ”...his weak, feckless, obsev—ocsequious [sic], self-serving staff, and—and cabinet members, who refused—to step up!” Scarborough then pointed out that Trump’s son-in-law (presumably Jared Kushner) was culpable as well.

Angry at the entire administration, Brzezinski condemned their Christmas parties, and spewed venom at “this Kayleigh individual” [White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany], because she had called out a liberal double standard:
This White House, you know what they're doing? They're having Christmas parties. They're having more superspreader events. You got Mike Pompeo out there, having parties, you got the White House having parties, really? And—and—and when the White House is asked about this, this Kayleigh individual, who calls herself a press secretary, or whatever she is, says in response, “Oh you can loot, and you can protest? We can have Christmas parties.” What is this, eighth grade? Are all of you in eighth grade?
Enraged by President Trump, Brzezinski hilariously remarked: “And, it's not that I'm shocked and appalledMika Brzezinski & Joe Scarborough by the President—I wouldn't even give him the joy of being shocked by him.”

Scarborough was no happier. After a routine attack on personal friends (does he have any left?), he claimed that they (and anyone who doesn’t like Dr. Fauci or questions the use of masks in everyday life) are part of a cult. Then, using the stigma surrounding mental health treatment to make an insensitive joke, he growled:
[Y]ou are inside of a cult and it's dangerous, and you need to get help from, uh, mental health providers. Your family nee— I would say you would need to go to church, but unfortunately, there's so many liars behind the pulpit right now who are spreading Donald Trump's lies. Uh, they are worse than the religious leaders that Jesus called out, uh, when—when he was—he was—uh, doing—in his ministry.
Invoking the name of Jesus while he and his wife hatefully insult Americans on national television? If anyone needs to go to church, it’s these two.
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Find the transcript below:

Morning Joe


6:10:32 AM

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Zeke Emanuel, uh, who worked in the Obama administration said, “It's going to be very bad. The president—the president needs to wake up—


SCARBOROUGH:—he needs to understand how badly things are going to go.” He said, “but Joe, as bad as they're going to be this spring, if you look back, [at] the pandemic of 1918, it's gonna be terrible in the fall. And we have to start preparing actually for the fall right now.” That's something that, uh, Scott Gottlieb and other health care officials have been saying for quite some time, Mika. 


SCARBOROUGH: And it's something that the president just keeps ignoring. 

BRZEZINSKI: Well, and then, I—ah—phhh. It was all laid out for this president, for his task force, for Republicans in the Senate, for people who worked in the administration, it was all laid out for you. Literally you had to work hard to do this badly. And, to look at these numbers and to know that there’s so much suffering out there, and you could’ve done something about it. It was all laid out for you, it was simple science. And President Trump, and his weak, feckless, obsev—ocsequious [sic], self-serving staff, and—and cabinet members, who refused—

SCARBOROUGH: And son-in-law.

BRZEZINSKI: —to like step up! And do what’s right for this country. All of this is happening because of the worst leadership I’ve ever seen in my lifetime. This is not “oh, he's, you know, trying not to leave.” We know he's gonna try not to leave. We know he’s gonna try and have his own little party during the inauguration, ‘cause he's a big baby, but he's killing people. The part that’s shocking, is by that day by day by day, his leadership is leading to death. And the people who follow him, who know better, are either too afraid or self-serving to do anything about it. The science here is simple. You—[scoff]—you could follow it yourself and keep yourself, but you know what? This White House, you know what they're doing? They're having Christmas parties. They're having more superspreader events. You got Mike Pompeo out there, having parties, you got the White House having parties, really? And—and—and when the White House is asked about this, this Kayleigh individual, who calls herself a press secretary, or whatever she is, says in response, “Oh you can loot, and you can protest? We can have Christmas parties.” What is this, eighth grade? Are all of you in eighth grade?

SCARBOROUGH: That’s such a—such a [unintelligible]

BRZEZINSKI: This is—you're making a mockery of the health of the American citizens, of the people who voted for you, and the people who didn't vote for you. And, it's not that I'm shocked and appalled by the President—I wouldn't even give him the joy of being shocked by him. We know what he's like. The question is why others won't lead to save the lives of the American people. Here we are at 274,000 deaths. And that is shocking, because it is stupid that we're here.


BRZEZINSKI: It's downright stupid. 

SCARBOROUGH: You know, the thing us, um, the president knew.

BRZEZINSKI: Of course he did.

SCARBOROUGH: Uh, he had—he—he admitted it to Bob Woodward. It's all on the tapes. I’ve had friends over the course of the year say the stupidest things to me, the most ignorant things to me. 

BRZEZINSKI: It’s painful.

SCARBOROUGH: That this is no worse than the flu. That masks don't do anything. That, “Oh, this is going to magically disappear the day after the election, Joe. You know this is all just a conspiracy, uh, to try to defeat Donald Trump. It's going to go away afterwards. Anthony Fauci has cooked this all up so he could make billions of dollars, uh off of vaccines. It's all a scam.” And it's not—it’s not—and—

BRZEZINSKI: The scam is the lies.

SCARBOROUGH: —the evidence for the people—the people inside the cult, inside the Trump cult, that—that actually believe this is a conspiracy, because if you do, you are inside of a cult and it's dangerous, and you need to get help from, uh, mental health providers. Your family nee— I would say you would need to go to church, but unfortunately, there's so many liars behind the pulpit right now who are spreading Donald Trump's lies. Uh, they are worse than the religious leaders that Jesus called out, uh, when—when he was—he was—uh, doing—in his ministry. So, it's hard to find people, I guess in some communities that won't lie to you, but just know this: Donald Trump himself is on tape, and you can check it out on—on the Google machine. And he—or go next door. Maybe your friend has a Google machine. But before you do, please don't stick your hand in that blender, it's not good for you. Uh, but if you—if you do—if you just do a basic search, you’ll see that Donald Trump knew all of this was true, all the way back in February. And Jonathan Lemire, here we are in the fall. 

BRZEZINSKI: Exactly where they said we’d be.

SCARBOROUGH: We’ve been warning Americans since the spring to get ready for the fall. Scott Gottlieb has been warning Americans since the early spring to get ready for the fall. Uh, Dr. Fauci has been warning since spring to get ready for the fall. Everybody has said it's going to be the worst time ever. And what does the President of the United States do in April? He lies again through his teeth to the American people. He lies to—to members of his cult. He lies to people who believe his continued steady stream of lies, his fire hose of falsehoods instead of just listening to basic science and medicine.