War on Women? Matthews, Olbermann Forced Pregnant Norah O’Donnell to Work Until 2 AM

Being that March is Women’s History Month and March 8 is International Women’s Day, what better time to showcase a prominent female journalist being treated poorly by her male colleagues, particularly ones from the "war on women" network itself, MSNBC.

Speaking with the liberal Huffington Post, CBS This Morning co-host Norah O’Donnell describes a not-so-pleasant experience with former NBC colleagues Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann back in 2008:

“I was on set all day and at midnight [I was told] Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann … were tired and wanted to go home. So then the pregnant lady stayed on until 2 in the morning. ”

The interview with Huffington highlighted O’Donnell’s upcoming 60 Minutes interview with Facebook executive Sheryl Sandberg as well as the career highlights of O’Donnell, rising from Chief White House Correspondent of CBS, to host of CBS This Morning

In her interview with the Huffington Post, O’Donnell said she felt worried about being tagged the “pregnant lady at work” and missing out on career opportunities open to men and non-pregnant female colleagues.

While likely unintentional, O’Donnell has revealed the overt sexism she experienced at the hands of Matthews and Olbermann.  By forcing a pregnant woman to work late into the evening, O’Donnell has exposed the hostile work environment the liberal men at NBC, who supposedly care about equal rights and pay for women, create for their female colleagues.

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